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Gamethread: White Sox at Mariners

Dylan Cease makes his 2022 spring training debut, looks to stay immaculate in his Cactus career.

Chicago White Sox Photo Day
I Must-ask You a Question: Where does Dylan Cease rank amongst other American League pitchers?
Photo by Robert Beck/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Dylan Cease and his new 2022 mustache are set to make their spring training debuts against the Seattle Mariners in this late-night game!

Before tonight’s game, the Chicago White Sox did make a few roster moves:

With 50 players left in camp and an expanded 28-man roster for April, expect many more moves to be made in the coming days.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of move we do not like to see:

Sending all the well wishes and good recovery vibes to Yermín Mercedes.

No. 84 might present us with 84 different mustache styles this season, but for tonight, he’ll work on the basics to get himself ready for the 2022 season. However, to be fair, Cease already has the basics of spring training down. In 12 games, he owns a 4-0 record and a 1.80 ERA — Dylan SHEESH. Can he just pitch in Game 3 of the World Series now!?

Until then, he’ll set his eyes on this Mariners lineup:

This Mariners lineup looks similar to the one we might see come the home opener. Marco Gonzales takes the bump for the Mariners, and he rocks a meaningless 5-7 record and 4.42 ERA in the spring. In his previous 2022 spring training start, Marco went three innings, allowing zero runs and striking out a singular batter.

As for the Good Guys, I would be very concerned if this was their Home Opener lineup:

Many second-year players, a few prospects, and Yasmani Grandal will play under tonight’s starry night, stadium lights.

It will be a late night, folks! An 8:40 p.m. CT start, but even though it’s late, at least you will be able to watch it ... oh, actually, scratch that. This game will feature static radio and will be aired on MySpace live streaming.

In all seriousness, bits and pieces of this game can be consumed through various social media posts, and Seattle’s radio will provide some audio. Major League Baseball, I love you, but let’s work on showing your product to the masses.

As I enter my third year with South Side Sox, I, too, considered growing a fabulous Cease-like mustache, but I did not want to steal his thunder (never mind, I cannot grow a mustache), so I will settle on providing you all the best gamethreads, game recaps (every Friday this season), and Six Packs of Stats (every Sunday)!

Oh, and victory sunglasses:


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