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Sharing Sox Podcast 64: Lazily Haseley Days of Summer Edition

But first, a major confession.

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, begin the podcast with a confession and a huge apology — it turns out they’re not really White Sox fans.

Oh, sure, they’ve thought they were White Sox fans for a combined 86 years or so, what with cheering for the team and going to the games and wearing the gear and all that, but they have obviously been deluding everyone, especially themselves, because the AJAHOFBP (the new initials are for arrogant jerk a**hole) says you can’t be a Sox fan if you wanted to go outside the organization for a right fielder, and, well, they have wanted just that.

Of course, because the White Sox the next day went outside the organization for a potential (though long shot) right fielder, Jerry Reinsdorf and Rick Hahn must not be White Sox fans, either — though you may well have long suspected that.

Confession over, the subject turns to the outside-the-organization additions of the past two days, especially Adam Haseley, who maybe might possibly sorta could turn his rapidly declining fortunes around by escaping Philadelphia for the friendlier crowds of Chicago.

Then it’s on to the (admittedly often meaningless) spring training results so far, especially the amazing seven-hit, seven-K and nothing else showing of Micker Adolfo, and the only lightly less impressive performances of Eloy Jiménez, Andrew Vaughn and Tim Anderson (whilst gliding over the less auspicious springs of half a dozen teammates).

On the pitching side, the two mostly fret over the non-appearance of Michael Kopech so far, especially his statement about being tired after throwing some batting practice — not a great encouragement given he had COVID over the winter. And, of course, they continue to be amazed that Vince Velasquez and Craig Kimbrel are somehow cluttering up the roster.

Oh, and there was of course despair over the backup catcher situation. But that’s not exactly news.

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