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Lockout Cryptosoxery #12

And counting, unfortunately.

This week’s cryptoquote is very short, but quite apt to the circumstances we face today, even though it goes back more than a quarter-century.

First, though, the answer to last week’s edition of Cryptosoxery, one of the most famous statements by a White Sox official in recent years:

The money will be spent. It might not be spent this offseason, but it will be spent at some point. This isn’t money sitting around waiting to just accumulate interest. It’s money trying to be deployed to put us in the best position to win some championships.

The words of Rick Hahn live on. Note that he never did say the money would be spent wisely. Or that it would be successfully spent. Or even that it would be spent on players, for that matter. Nor did he say in what decade or century those championships might appear. So there’s no reason to question the truth of his words.

However, his week’s Cryptosoxery definitely deals with doubting the truth of words spoken by a very key White Sox figure. The quote goes back to the 1994 labor strife, and is from a piece by a columnist in Dallas:



Short quotes are difficult to solve because of the small sample size, as you search for the most common letters (the old Wheel of Fortune STRENL picks, for starters), but you may get some help from the single-letter word followed by one with an apostrophe. You know it goes way back and has a White Sox connection, and I’ll let slip that the speaker is someone still very much connected to the Sox.

And the sentiment most assuredly still applies.

Enough help. The answer, and a new edition of Lockout Cryptosoxery, next week.

As usual, thanks to the folks at for the use of their magic encryption machine.