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Today in White Sox History: March 6

A successful, but exhausting, world tour ends.

Passenger ship LUSITANIA with tugboat ca. March 1914
Ten voyages later, and the Lusitania was doomed.
HUM Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images


The White Sox returned home from their around-the-world series of exhibition games against the New York Giants. The Sox went 24-20, but the added 44 games took their toll when the regular season began in late April. For the year, the Sox would end up in sixth place, 30 games out with a record of 70-84-3.

In each of the three years previous, the White Sox were better than .500, at 77 or 78 wins — and 1914 would end up as just the third losing season in franchise history.

The ship the White Sox traveled back to the U.S. on? None other than the Lusitania — the ship sunk by a German torpedo little more than a year after the White Sox returned home safely from their world tour.