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White Sox Minor League Update: March 9

Injury updates on Will Kincanon and Norge Vera, and Oscar Colás and Colson Montgomery in the cage.


First off, the very bad injury news from Will Kincanon:

Kincanon, one of our site favorites, had bone spurs removed from his arm in June 2021. The hard-throwing righty reliever was drafted in the 11th round back in 2017, and in his last full season (2019) had a 1.86 ERA in 58 innings.

A bit bigger news but not as worrying, Norge Vera has a nagging injury. Thankfully, it is not a big deal, but there is some news in the tweet: It seems like Vera will be on an innings limit this year. That will mean he won’t be going deep into games and probably makes it more likely he stays at his initial placement in the minors longer than expected. Though things could change if Vera really is as good as he showed in the DSL.

With bad news gone, here’s Oscar Colás in the cage!

Along with Colson Montgomery!

Also, the theme for today’s beat articles was the young pitching, and that they have a ton they need to prove.

Each of these players are coming off of a bad year, but are still on the higher end for Sox pitching prospects:

  • Jared Kelley (fifth-rated prospect) — 6.86 ERA in 21 innings in an injury-riddled 2021
  • Andrew Dalquist (sixth-rated prospect) — 4.99 ERA in 83 innings.
  • Matthew Thompson (seventh-rated prospect) — 5.90 ERA in 71 23 innings.