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South Side Sox Podcast 98 — 2022 MLB predictions

Trooper Galactus, Chrystal O’Keefe, Zach Hayes and Tommy Barbee check in with Brett Ballantini to discuss the staff’s picks for the White Sox and MLB in the coming year.

Three of us (Tommy Barbee, Zach Hayes, Brett Ballantini) got season picks in to make the feature story we ran outlining 20 prognostications, one (Chrystal O’Keefe) was too late to make the story, and one (Trooper Galactus) just punted the whole thing, but still has opinions about how things will wrangle out in 2022.

We begin with a detailed discussion on our White Sox categories, and go from there:

  • Chrystal is the owner of the title belt for last year’s picks, and just made the regular-season cutoff to get her 2022 predictions across
  • Brett is the low picker on White Sox wins — but at least he got them in the playoffs this year
  • The intriguing reason why our consensus has four AL East teams going to the playoffs
  • The intriguing reason why Vince Velasquez was not more universally imagined as the worst White Sox pitcher of 2022
  • How many of us are regretting our picks of Liam Hendriks as top White Sox pitcher
  • Listen to Tommy defend his pick of the Cubs as NL Central champs
  • Listen to Zach explain his pick of the Mets as World Series champs, and note his incredulity over no one else picking Mike Trout as MVP
  • It did not make the broadcast, but Trooper would like you to know he tabs Pete Alonso as NL MVP

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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