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South Side Sox Pregame Podcast 6 — Welcome to the home opener 2022!

Brett Ballantini and Adrian Serrano preview this afternoon’s game and the first homestand, with particular attention paid the potent offense and wounded rotation.

Brett Ballantini and Adrian Serrano sit down to preview the home opener and opening homestand, paying particular attention to some of the hotter topics of this new season:

  • How about this offense! Making contact, feeling confident No. 1-9, younger hitters getting more experience and confidence ...
  • Which leads, of course, to a protracted discussion of Tim Anderson: his incredible value and importance, growth, seemingly limitless ceiling — and mind games
  • On the other hand, sigh, the rotation — the club seems perfectly set up for any sort of issue that confronts it in the home opener, but from there, it’s an arms crapshoot
  • How likely is it that Dallas Keuchel forgets 2021 and reverts to at least the reliability of 2020?
  • Diving deep into the Frankie Montas-Andrew Vaughn rumor/talks/offer
  • Also: Tune in to the postgame podcast, up somewhat shortly after the end of the home opener

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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