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Sharing Sox Podcast 66: First of the season edition

Luis! Luis! And the rest of the team, too.

In their first podcast of the 2022 season, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, heap much-deserved praise on the play of Luis Robert, as they decide whether Luis will have to pitch at least a couple of games to battle Shohei Ohtani for MVP.

The duo also heap praise on White Sox defense, particularly as opposed to the ineptitude of their opponents so far, and particularly from the standpoint of not seeing more of the back of the backup catcher than the front, it no longer being necessary to watch them chase all the balls they missed back to the screen.

Do they also heap praise on Vince Velásquez? Well, no, given he was more lucky than good, especially as the beneficiary of Robert’s amazing catch, but they do give credit for hanging in there, as the White Sox keep coping with the absence of Lance Lynn and Lucas Giolito. And they drop in some praise for Dylan Cease in his Tiger mastery and whatever Ethan Katz said to put Michael Kopech back on track.

Leigh and Will also praise Andrew Vaughn for nicely taking a breaking ball from a righthander to right, offering hope he’ll improve a lot against northpaws, and Yasmani Grandal for getting a hit down the third base line — even if it might have been accidental, it was a very good idea for beating the shift.

They cast doubt on the possibility of a Frankie Montas trade ever happening, given what each team might want from the other, and, during the week of the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s MLB debut, laud the importance of the White Sox having a Black American double play combo, the only one in the majors.

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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