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Bird App Recap: White Sox 6, Mariners 4

I thought Seattle could play in the rain?

Will there be baseball? Apparently!

Dallas Keuchel seemed to hear all of the mean things we’ve been saying about him on the internet.

Ha, just kidding!

The White Sox are up against 2021 Cy Young winner Robbie “tight pants” Ray.

But perhaps he’s lost his shine against the South Siders?

Back to Dallas! Is he ... good tonight?

I do believe this theory was brought up last night on the South Side Sox Postgame Podcast.

After an already-delayed game, the rain starts coming down at Guaranteed Rate Field, as Jason Benetti asks the dreaded question “is it raining?”

Herb Lawrence is here to help.

The rain might be coming down, but Eloy Jiménez gave fans a reason to smile with a moonshot to left field.

Josh Harrison gets on base!

Huck nearly called it, but how about we settle for an RBI single?

Tim Anderson continues to do Tim Anderson things — bringing Jake Burger and Josh Harrison home.

After 14 batters, Robbie Ray finally gets his first strikeout.

Jacki shared some wisdom about pitching in the rain.

Dallas continued to shine, but it was Josh Harrison’s sleight of hand to Tim Anderson to get the third out that really impressed everyone, especially Jason Benetti and Keelin.

It was honestly a Burger/Harrison love fest for a while.

Angie Mentink got a little upset about the grounds crew...

Dallas started looking like his old self once the fifth inning hit, allowing two runs.

We can blame Celeste and her dogs though.

Yasmani Grandal gets on base in the bottom of the fifth, but the joy was only temporary.

Okay, back to the good news.

That catch seemed to get fans or possibly birds riled up. Steve Stone doesn’t appear to be a fan of the “woo people” in the park.

Again, discussed on last night’s podcast.

The Mariners seemed to struggle against Kyle Crick.

Speaking of pain, we got a positive update on Eloy.

Andrew Vaughn continued to be a great hitter.

José Ruiz had a flawless seventh inning.

It’s the bottom of the seventh and Tim Anderson was thankfully in the mood for his favorite food.

And to soon follow ... LA PANTERA BOMB! That’s my MVP.

Tight Pants left the game right after.

Important questions were asked about Matt Festa’s pants.

More bad things happened.

With Kendall Graveman’s disrespectful eighth inning, a lot of fans were feeling pretty good. Including our very own Sam Sherman.

Liam Hendriks enters the game to close it out. Papa White had some solid advice.

Hendriks didn’t seem to listen all that well. Stress ensued.

Despite the win, I think a few people share the same sentiment.

Drive safely, Chicago! Beep! Beep! (Sorry, I watched a lot of Bulls games over the winter.)