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Bird App Recap: Mariners 5, White Sox 1

There was something ... in the air ...

Not. Their. Day.

It was a beautiful day for baseball, as the Chicago White Sox took on the Seattle Mariners at Guaranteed Rate Field this afternoon.

Or, so the pictures would have you believe.

But looks can be deceiving. It was ... a tad windy outside, today.

OK, maybe more than just a tad windy ...


We were blown away by wind commentary.

That wind made for some pretty entertaining plays, at least.

It’s not something you see every day, you know?

The White Sox struggled to get the offense going despite there being the obvious opportunity to have some wind-assisted runs cross the plate.

But there was one player who had a particularly bad day. I’ll let your tweets do the talking:

And when the Sox were down in the ninth, who else could it come down to?

Not everyone was so quick to jump up and down on Leury García today. Celeste stepped in to defend her man’s honor:

In the end,

But don’t worry:

Tomorrow, the South Siders will try to pick up the wind-scattered pieces against the Tampa Bay Rays, and White Sox fans have a plan if things start to get out of hand: