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Gamethread: Rays at White Sox (Jackie Robinson Day)

Hey, why not drop this important game into the AppleTV+ scavenger hunt ...

Cleveland Indians v Chicago White Sox
Luis Robert, sporting the important look for tonight. Hey White Sox, maybe petition for a Minnie Miñoso Day for your club, commemorating the just-as-important role he played for Black Latinos in the game?
Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Been a lot of copy today, from Colleen Sullivan’s welcome return on Know Your Enemy to Di Billick’s six-games-in season preview to Dante Jones’ look at Black representation in baseball to the Hamster-via-White-Sox AppleTV+ viewing guide.

So given that I forgot that both original recapper Ashley Sanders and sub recapper Hannah LaMotta would both be at the game, here’s a truncated gamethread. Recap writer postgame TBD.


sweet hell tampa-st. pete, it’s South Side

Ballgame is 6:10 p.m. CT, so start looking for AppleTV+ right now. Or just dial up Len and Darrin at AM 1000.

Seeya postgame, maybe.