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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Rays 2

During a national broadcast for Jackie Robinson Day in Chicago, Burger eats you.

Adrian Serrano Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. Unfortunate Memeing @SoxTwitt3r, unfortunate Rocking at:

Like the White Sox, I am also coming into this game wounded.

But it’s Jackie Robinson Day, so we all push through.

Some people had some trouble accessing the game on Apple TV+, but most figured it out easily enough. Some even really enjoyed it.

Obviously, not everyone:

Fans at the ballpark were having struggles of their own!

Good to see our old pal Carlos Rodón still knows how to strike out batters in Cleveland.

Tony La Russa is joining the rest of us in The Church of Tim Anderson.

Gavin Sheets puts things into his own hands after a laser double to right, before some great base-running.

And on Jackie Robinson Day, of all days!

Some early evaluations from Easter weekend family time:

Cease looking great, indeed, with four Ks through two innings.

First Burger bomb of the year, or as the kids call it:

Pops is back, and he enjoyed that Burger home run as well.

Sox crush four baseballs, but only walk away with one run.

A very fair question is posed:

I miss Steve and Jason too, Pops.

Checking back in at the ballpark, and a hotly contested win for Cheesy Beef is keeping the crowd warm.

Even the fans of the other dugout are adjusting to the Apple broadcast.

Dylan Cease continues to look exquisite.

Leury does remember how to hit, and no one gave up on him. At all.

Cease’s start was anything but a bummer, but Aaron is on for relief.

The mustache was good too, I guess.

Bummer does what it says on the tin.

Pop’s is on a roll tonight, everyone.

Bummer stays out and finds a way to not make it worse, this time.

Eloy however, is still a loved man of the people.

Kendall Graveman bringing all the heat to some of the SSS crew.

Now we hope that we get Liam Hendriks in the ninth rather than the Liam “Colomé” we have seen so far.

Regardless of the outcome, Liam knows how to make an entrance.

He’s back.

Sox are back at it tomorrow, to try and win another series!

For now, it’s Ny-Quil City for me.




Oh yeah, Carlos Rodón is still good

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