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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Rays 2

The South Slydahs pull off a win!

Happy Michael Kopech Day! It’s Game 2 against the Tampa Bay Ray,s and the White Sox are ready to heat things up on the field.

Kopech got off to a rocky start, but certainly regrouped and was back to stunning hitters. That means everyone can call out SSS staffer Optimist Sox.

Same, Sam. Same.

I call that a successful outing.

Let’s check in on the weather on the South Side.

But that doesn’t stop White Sox fans. Especially on Liam Hendriks bobblehead day.

A very important question was asked — what do you say, White Sox?

Things we love to see:

Evergreen, Kee.


Hey, why do we love Yasmani Grandal? Take it away, Colleen.

Can’t believe you ever doubted him, Tyrone.

The bullpen was actually really good today.

Our bobblehead model was on the mound today to close out the game.

Hendriks showed that he is more than a pretty face and cussing closer. He can also throw to third for an important out.

He certainly had the fans on their feet as he worked himself into a jam, and then out of the said jam. But who cares! Sox win!

And for Carolyn’s birthday at that!