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South Side Sox on the Farm Podcast 26 — Lookit all those catchers!

Darren Black chats with Brett Ballantini about the early small sample size MVPs of the MiLB season, including a preponderance of backstops.

We lied to you two weeks ago.

Well, Brett Ballantini lied.

He said there would be another Farm podcast in a week, but with the home opener last Tuesday, it didn’t happen. But thankfully for him, Darren Black picked up the phone and snapped on his monitor to chat up the early MVPs of the system:

  • Brett is contractually prevented from actually listening to any SSS podcasts, instead compelled by SBN to do more, more, more ... so, did Darren predict greatness for clubber Carlos Pérez at Charlotte this year?
  • Also, keep an eye on Angry Seby
  • Forget the Y guys, what’s up with slugging Laz Rivera?
  • The pros and cons of Jason Bilous’ and Caleb Freeman’s starts in Birmingham (featuring a new Farm podcast character, “Mr. Bill”-ous
  • Who wins the race to Alabama, the big bat of Bryan Ramos or the all-around play and experience of Oscar Colás?
  • Is Sean Burke the new Konnor Pilkington — whether as trade chip, or legit down-the-road starter?
  • For all the blue chips in Kannapolis, boy howdy if catcher Colby Smelley isn’t our first weekly MVP
  • Benyamín Bailey Will Have His Revenge on Kannapolis
  • Cristian Mena — say what?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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