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Bird App Recap: Baseball was played

White Sox drop two to the Guardians, and TA pretty much sums it up.

After two straight days of rainouts, the White Sox kicked off their series in Cleveland with a doubleheader.

Dallas Keuchel took the mound in the opener against known White Sox killer Shane Bieber, and shockingly, Dallas only lasted one inning as things went south very quickly in the second.

They went down 3-0 in the blink of an eye, and somehow it got worse.

And not to mention that watching the defense today was nightmare fuel.

Really just a brutal day all around for Dallas — let’s take a look his updated stats:

One positive out of this game was Tanner Banks shutting the Guardians down for the next four innings.

But many had already had enough.

Others are still reminiscing on better times, and what we could have had.

Well ... there’s always next game. It just so happened to be immediately after this atrocity.

Tony La Russa put out this riveting lineup for the nightcap. I mean truly, it was kind of a wild one. We are rocking with Jimmy Lambert on the mound.

Bernie gets it.

History was made though. #Legend

Guardians struck again in the first with none other than José Ramírez. Why are we still pitching to him, you ask? Great question.

Known power hitter Danny Mendick gave some life to the offense with an RBI double down the line. But that got ruined pretty quickly, and took away what could have been the tying run.

Joe McEwing went rogue, and White Sox fans were questioning the decision.

Other than that, the bats were (once again) absolutely dead.

There really wasn’t much else to celebrate the rest of the game, but the bar was on the floor.

The defense did not prevail, with Josh Harrison making an insane catch in left field, but colliding with Andrew Vaughn.

And somehow the day got worse.

Same. :(

That’s enough bad news for the day. Let’s (hopefully) bounce back tomorrow.