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Bird App Recap: Group Therapy Session

Well, that was unpleasant.

Sometimes, when your favorite team get so thoroughly bodied by a divisional foe, all that’s left to do is to complain about it on the Internet. There, you’ll find a community full of fans who are screaming into the void, just like you. Twitter dot com becomes a kind of support group for White Sox fans after a loss like today’s.

I’m here to facilitate this session of White Sox Twitter therapy. Let’s begin.

The trouble started well before the first pitch of the game was even thrown. Let’s talk about Tony La Russa’s line up:

La Russa wasn’t the only member of the coaching staff making questionable decisions today.

I mean, there were two teams, some umpires, and a ball, but other than that, it was hard to discern that professional baseball was being played.

The defense was bad.

The offense was worse.

It was bad all over.

Adding injury to insult, we may have lost our center fielder for awhile.

On second thought, maybe scream therapy is the way to go.

At least the series is over and the team can get out of Ohio.