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Bird App Recap: the Leury Garcia edition

The White Sox fall to 2-5 against the weak AL Central, and we all handled that news well.

Apparently some folks are perturbed about where Leury Garcia is batting tonight. I had no idea!

Not sure why they were worried, though. Leury Legend does what he does and gets on base.

Meanwhile, we are still trying to figure out how Tim Anderson got suspended rather than simply sined for a hand gesture used often on a baseball diamond.

Meanwhile, what is White Sox Twitter without gratuitous, uncensored pizza pics?

Has I mentioned how much we LOVE competent catchers?

Unsure if it was directly due to the poor performance in Cleveland, or because they are no “real fans,” but a lot of people weren’t watching, or splitting time between the Bulls

A familiar face was brought up in the discussion of the evolution of the Kopech curveball.

On the field, Gavin follows up a single with a reminder that he’s a first basemen in the outfield.

White Sox baseball is for the faithful.

The White Sox offense makes me sad, let’s check in on the rest of the league.

First, Wander Franco is really good.

Apparently, not everyone struggles to hit Guardians pitching.

The offense has been offensive, but Kopech is just nasty.

He’s not too bad-looking, either.

Praise be to him!

This Kid just might have the makings of a top of the order-type talent one day.

Or, maybe even beyond that.

Did we mention how much we LOVE competent catchers?

Tony does so many confusing things these days, it’s hard to keep it all straight.

Ruiz picking up right where Kopech left off.

Many reasons it would still would be nice to get a couple more runs.

Aaron Bummer’s 2022 so far, for one.

Anyone consider that Tony may just have OCD?

The right-handed Aaron Bummer gets the job done.

With the way both offenses have looked, it’s hard to tell which teams that fans are raging about.

Check up on the folks still trying to make basketball happen during a Sox game.

You will not besmirch the legend in this house! He was 1-for-4 with 3 K’s, thank you very much.

That being said, how much offense is not enough offense?

Didn’t see this rule get passed in the CBA negotiations, but I like it.


Right-handed Aaron Bummer doing regular Aaron Bummer things.

White Sox baseball, baby!

Think it might be time to burn that glove, TA.

Every single Sox fan right now.

Eloy does what Eloy used to do.

This tweet feels strangely familiar in both tone and content

On the Sox side, confidence is high.

As we all expected, bases loaded and one out for our sex-positive backup catcher.

Stakes. could. not. be. higher.

And then there was a Burger.


At least it was exciting.