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Tim Anderson suspended this many games for obscene gesture in Cleveland

Shortstop appeals the punishment; knowing MLB, it will somehow decide to increase the suspension as a result.

On Friday evening, as the White Sox were getting ready to take the field in Minneapolis against the Twins, MLB announced a one-game suspension for Tim Anderson.

Anderson had flipped Cleveland fans the bird during the opener of Wednesday’s doubleheader, a game in which he’d made three errors to do his share in a listless loss to the Guardians. TA sat out the nightcap, then came back to make two more errors in Thursday’s series finale, helping to cement the sweep.

Anderson started the season by missing the first two games in Detroit, as he served a suspension levied at the end of 2021 for “pushing” umpire Tim Timmons in the middle of a melee.

The confident and bright star for Chicago has been punished other times by MLB before the start of this season, most notably for a laughable bothsidesism suspension resulting from the STICK TALK home run and ensuring whimpers from Kansas City Royals players, notably Brad Keller.

Anderson’s frustration boiling over on Wednesday wasn’t his proudest moment, however.

TA is appealing the suspension, thus remaining in the lineup tonight vs. the Twins.