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Bird App Recap: White Sox 7, Royals 3

Yeah, you read that right. White Sox win!

It’s game day, friends. Dylan Cease is on the bump, so maybe he’ll at least throw some strikes.

Also on this day in White Sox history. Maybe a White Sox player will hit for the cycle today??

We have a little positivity on Twitter, maybe?

Maybe not.

A few very dedicated fans made it to the ballpark.

Game time!

Tim Anderson got beamed immediately but hey, silver lining?

No one got him in though.

The White Sox finally got a hit in the second.

And Jake Burger got Yasmani “wheels” Grandal to third with a beautiful hit.

Meanwhile, Cease has been perfect through three.

Tim gets a hit and Andrew Vaughn gets him home. Gavin Sheets causes a super funny error to get AV to third — so the White Sox didn’t commit an error first! Good Guys up, 2-0.

Psst ... perfect through four with 12 up, 12 down. All hail our new King.

Hello, offense. You’ve been missed.

All good things must come to an end.

Still not all bad though.

What else is happening on White Sox adjacent Twitter?

cc: Tommy Barbee

Is it Naperville?

Here is one last Cease tweet in case it gets really sad. (It’s 3-3 now.)

Oh, it escalated quickly.

But hey, we got a base hit.

And then Tim got one base.

But wait — there’s more! 6-3 good guys thanks to this guy:

Gavin Sheets keeps the inning going.


Impressive outings for Bennett Sousa and Kendall Graveman.

We’re back, baby!

Has Burger been great today? Many people are saying this.

Graveman keeps the score intact by shutting the Royals down in the ninth. So what does that mean?

Nick gets his birthday wish.

Hope has been restored.

And Andrew Vaughn is a beast.

Get some rest. folks! Early turnaround tomorrow.