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Bird App Recap: Royals 5, White Sox 2

The next losing streak begins.

Yesterday, White Sox manager Tony La Russa was jitterbugging his way to the postgame podium to revel in the team’s win.

Well, life comes at you fast, and a lot can change in 24 hours.

Still, going into today’s action, White Sox fans took to Twitter with cautious optimism:

Sure, winning streaks have happened before, but the last time the White Sox saw any kind of consistent success was April 15-16 against the Tampa Bay Rays.

That didn’t deter Trooper Galactus from pregame dreams of offensive glory:

Things were shaky from the start, and Michael Kopech had trouble finding the handles on it in the first inning.

Yeah, it wasn’t good.

It didn’t take long before Royals left fielder Andrew Benintendi doubled to bring in the first run of the game.

Bobby was right to feel apprehensive. The White Sox struggled to make any noise at all against Royals starter Brad Keller.

Until the bottom of the sixth inning, when a oft-maligned hero came to our rescue:

And even though the White Sox were able to tie the game 2-2, the lackluster offense continued to draw the ire of fans.

As Aaron Bummer got himself into a bases-loaded jam and Kansas City threatened to regain the lead, it begged the question:

... and when Bummer threw a pitch past Reese McGuire to put the Royals ahead once again, that question was answered loudly: Yes. Yes, this is a f***ing joke:

(...just not a very good one.)

And that was it.

And White Sox fans were. not. having. it.

And we just want to talk to them.