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Bird App Recap: Feeling beat up by the AL Central

Three hits, people. Three hits.

It’s Gio Day!!

We heard the Angels can hit, and that rumor turns out to be factual.

The reigning MVP is also pretty, pretty good.

White Sox score in a way that they are only used to experiencing themselves.

Meanwhile, WST positivity isn’t just a myth.

Also, a bastion of top-notch baseball insight.

Throw 100 mph, Hit 500-foot homers, but leave the rest of us something, Shohei

Angels Twitter is enjoying their third potential generational talent emerging.

Taylor Ward better than Trout, confirmed

April Josh Harrison <

Go on, discuss amongst yourselves.

José Abreu is incredibly skilled at flying out the the very furthest parts of the ball park.

Luis has been working with José in the batting cages; warning track power.

We know who is really to blame for the league’s lack of power in 2022.

The guy who caught it is pretty good, too.

Giolito has been cruising since the first inning.

Remember when the Sox pitched to Byron Buxton? Good times.

Gio with the quality start. Now, can they score runs?

This may be the best food idea I have ever heard and may happen if there is a game tomorrow.

The rest of the league isn’t hitting quite as many warning track fly outs

Elsewhere, a young star is donning some custom evening wear.

The people’s champion is willing to die for the cause.

The blood sacrifice didn’t work ... yet.

Lucy and good. Sox did not like Loup Mode

Sox fans struggling where to place all their angst, but maybe avoid chiding the best in the business.

Sam has a plan for what to do with all that anger, Sox fans.

Like I said, WST positivity is a myth.

Surely the White Sox will take full advantage of this competitive advantage?

At least someone in the White Sox organization is hitting the ball!

Haven’t the Sox taken enough from us!

Timeline cleanse.

Big moment for a big player.


The White Sox aren’t fun right now, but here’s something to leave you all on: