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South Side Sox Podcast 97 — Goodbye, spring training; hello, Scotch-taped rotation

Adrian Serrano and Trooper Galactus take time away from their cats to chat with Brett Ballantini on the tattered rotation, adding Reese McGuire, and the dearth of trade chips in the system.

Adrian Serrano and Trooper Galactus join Brett Ballantini to break out big merger news ...

Heh, the hell we did. Who gonna have us?

We DID talk about the state of the rotation (yes, BEFORE adding shim-sham starter Johnny Cueto) and quite a bit more:

  • Does spring training matter?
  • Will the White Sox find the necessary 400 innings out of Dallas Keuchel/Reynaldo López/Vince Velasquez/Jimmy Lambert/John Parke/Kade McClure/Emilio Vargas/Ghost of Jonathan Stiever/Guy Playing 16´´ Ball in Grant Park/(Johnny Cueto)?
  • Re-revised offseason grades for Rick Hahn (yes, one sobered-up member of the panel revised his dramatically downward)
  • Did you see that the Reese McGuire add gives the White Sox the strongest backup catching in the game, per FanGraphs?
  • The Discussion of Obtaining a Veteran Arm That Degenerated Into How Poorly the White Sox Still Scout/Draft/Develop

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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