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Taking in the sweet sounds of the ballpark

A ranking of 10 favorite White Sox walk-up/entrance songs from last season.

SPORTS-BBA-WHITESOX-VAUGHN-TB Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

We all love music, and we all love the Chicago White Sox. Walk-up songs have been known to define a player, while SOMETIMES getting the crowd going (depending on the song). It is one of the best parts of the game.

While nothing will ever top Gordon Beckham and his walk-up song “Your Love” by The Outfield for me, I decided to rank 10 current White Sox players’ walk-up songs. These songs are from last season, so don’t be too mean if at some point this season you hear a song that’s not on this list — some players change their songs frequently. As a girl who likes just about every genre of music, this may be biased, but it will still be a fun read nonetheless!

No. 10: Yasmani Grandal (The Search - NF)
... because nothing hypes up the crowd more than ... NF. We can give Grandal points for this one being unique. Grandal is quite possibly the only person in the league with NF as his walk-up artist. Nothing against them, it’s just an interesting fit for a baseball game. The song picks up about halfway through, and sounds pretty cool. Grandal has had multiple walk-up songs throughout his career, so look for a new one this season.

No. 9: Andrew Vaughn (Hell of a Night - Dustin Lynch)
Now I know the country walk-up songs tend to be NOT a fan favorite. Personally, I am a big country fan, which is why this isn’t completely at the bottom of my list (don’t hate me). The song isn’t bad, and is definitely catchy, but maybe this year Andrew will switch it up to Luke Combs or something people know better.

No. 8: Luis Robert (El Campeón - El Kimiko y Yordy)
Robert did a good job at picking the best part of the song to enter to. It’s catchy, and a fun song, for sure. Reggaeton is one of my favorite genres to listen to because of how upbeat it is. Honestly, there’s no complaints with this one, the list just gets progressively good from here on out.

No. 7: Micheal Kopech (Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Hey, pitchers count on my list, they’re just as important and deserve a walk-up song, too! I didn’t notice this one until the end of the season for Kopech’s entrance, but it was quite chilling seeing him run out of the bullpen to this song. I know it’s not a dance or upbeat song, but it’s one of those classics that you just have to enjoy.

No. 6: Lucas Giolito (Power - Kanye West)
I remember being in middle school and listening to this song on the bus before my sports games. It’s a really motivational song that would definitely get you in the groove warming up on the mound. I imagine the crowd on their feet as the team takes the field, with Giolito on the mound taking his warm-up pitches to this song, and it gets me hyped up. Solid choice by Giolito; hopefully he keeps this one this year.

No. 5: Tim Anderson (Paid the Fine - Young Thug) (Kanye Krazy - Lil Durk)
I love the idea of alternating walk-up songs, because in my case, I couldn’t choose just one. I’m assuming that was the case for Anderson as well. Both are catchy, and add a different genre to the mix, which we always love. I always catch myself singing “Kanye Krazy” when TA is up, and it’s a fun song. Anderson has changed his songs quite a few times throughout the years, so it will be exciting to see what he comes out to in 2022.

No. 4: Dylan Cease (Homecoming - Kanye West)
A lot of people may be wondering, another Kanye-related song? Well, this is one of my personal favorite choices, because Kanye has always talked about Chicago being his hometown. He gives a lot of love to the city, especially in this song. This is one of those songs that you listen to on the way to the ballpark with the windows down, as you look at the skyline. Hearing it in the ballpark has almost became routine, and I really love when songs relate to the city, almost like how the White Sox play “Sweet Home Chicago” at the end of the night. Cease knows what’s up.

No. 3: Yoán Moncada (Desastre Personal - Yoán Moncada) (Se Me Nota - Chimbala and Omega)
I mean ... come on. The biggest flex in the world is having your own song as your walk-up in a MLB game. This is the most Moncada thing ever, and I mean that in a good way. The song is great, it’s on my White Sox playlist, and I know almost every word by now. (Don’t forget to stream it to support your singing professional third basemen, folks.) By the way, I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get a new song this offseason. Moncada also switches up his walk-up song every other time, and “Se Me Nota” became a personal favorite of mine. It is the ultimate hype song, and I do listen to it multiple times before I go to each game and sing it in the ballpark.

No. 2: Liam Hendriks (We Will Rock You - DJs From Mars)
Hendriks stuck by this song all season long, and I have to say it is really cool. It’s a fun remix, and seeing him walk out to close the game as the strobe lights go on and this song is playing is one of my favorite parts of the game. Classic song, of course, and we get to hear the beat drop because pitchers get a little bit more time to warm up with their song playing. Hopefully he continues this one into this season, so we don’t miss out on that moment.

No. 1: AJ Pollock (The Chain - Fleetwood Mac)
OK, I’ll admit this is completely biased, because Fleetwood Mac is one of my all-time favorite bands and this song was already high on my list of favorite songs before I knew it was AJ’s walk-up song. Plus a lot of people may be thinking, geez the newcomer securing the No. 1 spot just days after his arrival to the team? Listen, Fleetwood Mac is iconic. It takes you back to the 70’s. I got a chance to hear this as his walk-up song last season when he was playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and I went to a game at Dodger Stadium. Normally you wouldn’t think of this song as something that would get the crowd hyped up, but when that chorus hits you can see quite a few people bopping their heads to it. I am really hoping that even though AJ is moving to a completely different city and ballpark he keeps this one. He definitely secured some early bonus points! I love him already.

Well, that concludes the list. May not be the same for everyone, but that’s OK. What are some artists or songs you would like to hear this season from the players? Feel free to comment and discuss. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hearing a little few more classics. I’ve always thought “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Livin on a Prayer” would be fun songs for people to enter to. Can’t wait to see what music this season has in store!