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Sharing Sox Podcast 65: Play Ball! Edition

Did we mention it’s time to play ball for real?

On the cusp of a new season with lots of reason to believe in the White Sox, SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, delve into the predictions for the Sox and the rest of MLB from the computer whizzes at Five Thirty Eight, and even come up with their own predictions, which are never, ever right (one look at their March Madness pools will prove that).

Of course, that involves looking at the lineup (hello, AJ Pollock!), the incredible fact the White Sox finally got a backup catcher who won’t spend most of his time chasing the ball back to the screen (good-bye, Zack Collins!), and delving into the problems with injuries and such on the pitching side (welcome, Johnny Cueto?).

Given the fact they have not one minute of any sort of medical training, Will and Leigh naturally delve deeply into Lance Lynn’s torn meniscus, and what that could mean for pressure on the rest of the staff (Vince Velasquez, really?), and issue a strong joint hope that the TJHOFBP (the added TJ not for Tommy John, but for total ja*****) learned something last season about wearing out your starting pitchers early in the season so they have nothing left come playoff time.

Not really much hope for that last bit, but plenty of hope for the rest, so Play Ball!!!

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