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SSS Staff Predictions 2022: How far will the White Sox go?

Everyone is on board with a division win ... and for some, a World Series is in the cards

I’ve learned my lesson.

After being the only one of 15 staffers to say the White Sox would fail to make the playoffs in 2021, OK, I’m on board the playoffs train.

Me, and EVERYONE ELSE. Yes, all 20 of us have the White Sox winning the AL Central.

Here’s how we see the division races shaking out. The White Sox and Dodgers are the closest to sure things. Check out the AL East bias: Our consensus has Toronto winning the division, and ALL THREE wild cards coming from East.

And, yes, Tommy Barbee has been summoned to the office for a chat.

Saying that the Dodgers are the best in the NL was really the only easy pick among the bests and worsts, although the A’s tear-down seems to have gotten our attention.

Last year, it was four of 15 who picked the White Sox to run the table and take a title; this year, it’s five of 20. Ashley Sanders and Nello Rubio have kept the faith, feeling a title in both years. Zach Hayes picking the Mets, we’ll call that an outlier — but then, I’m not confident in dissing any of Zach’s takes. Love the Royals hate from Delia Ritchie and Right Size Wrong Shape, and lookit Hamster putting the Guardians six feet under!

Lucas Giolito is the consensus Cy Young winner, with Luis Robert getting some serious MVP consideration. The AL Rookies competition is fierce, wow. New Cub Seiya Suzuki getting a lot of love, as one of those “veteran” rookies.

OK, we’re reached the nitty-gritty of White Sox predictions. High pick is Darren Black, going full-boar into the most wins in White Sox history! (Before you scoff, Darren was the only one of us last year to pick the EXACT final White Sox record, so maybe he knows something.)

Unlike last year, no one dips below 90 wins for the White Sox, with the low picker being, oh hell, me at 90 wins. Darren, Zach, RSWS and Luke Smailes all see the White Sox having a cakewalk to the title, with a double-digit division win. A tight race is foreseen by me, Tommy, Jacki Krestel, and Sam Reeves. (Sam in fact made these predictions, then left to create The All Sports Scene.)

Interestingly, Robert is the clear team MVP but Giolito, the consensus AL Cy Young, gets just nine of 20 votes for best White Sox pitcher. Reeves gave Reynaldo the pitching MVP (whoa, maybe that’s why he had to leave us) and REALLY hates Dallas Keuchel. Rob Colletti held out hope to the end that we could find a space for Micker Adolfo. Adrian Serrano and Joe Resis predict poor seasons from guys we really can’t afford to see have bad seasons. Tommy isn’t buying your Aaron Bummer hype, buddy.

And finally, Danny Mendick and Keuchel win awards that you just don’t want to put on a T-shirt.

And hey, everybody, don’t let us have all the fun. Please share your predictions on the season in the comments below!