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Bird App Recap: Tigers 5, White Sox 4

Our new, regular feature, depicting South Side baseball through the lens of everyone’s favorite avian-themed social media outlet.

Opening Day 2022 in Detroit
Opening Day 2022 in Detroit
Daryl Van Schouwen @CST_soxvan
Adrian Serrano Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. Unfortunate Memeing @SoxTwitt3r, unfortunate Rocking at:

Opening Day 2022 is here at last, and White Sox fans are getting pumped up!

Everyone got the memo about rocking their White Sox gear for Opening Day.

Including a cameo by our future boss at SSS.

Some folks repping the Sox deep in enemy territory.

Not everyone was lucky enough to get to watch the game live with the early start.

It may be Opening Day, but almost as important, it is Lucas Giolito Day!

Passan bomb to pass the time before first pitch.

Yankees fans are as pleased as you would expect them to be with the Judge news trickling out.

Nothing says baseball like the dulcet guitar tones of a blue-haired Jack white with the National Anthem.

but what is this about “Lifelong Tigers fan”?

Boy, I really missed seeing The Walkman himself doing what he does best. A tradition like no other.

Speaking of tradition, the annual push to get Keelin unblocked by Steve Stone continues in earnest.

The season can’t really start without the first of many questions about Tony’s lineup construction.

The first of what we hope is many Báez strikeouts by White Sox pitching helps Gio get out of a leadoff walk first.

Not everyone pleased with Javy robbing Vaughn of his first hit of 2022.

Jake Burger making the most of his second Opening Day start of the week, adding the extra patty for a double.

Man, it feels good to have an everyday right fielder.

Never not a great time to strike out a future Hall-of-Famer.

FYI, Kristina stays just as busy when she’s not pumping out SSS content, but poor form by her other employers.

The pro debut of Spencer Torkelson generating some kind words around the Twittersphere with a few great picks at first base.

White Sox fans not as impressed ...

Checking in on some other action, Giancarlo Stanton is so strong he hits homers like he is swatting away flies.


Javy Báez striking out against Sox pitching just feels right

A lot of fans really missed the dulcet tones of Jason Benetti and Steve Stone this offseason.

The return of #soxmath once again makes me feel very sorry for the interns charged with looking through entries to find the winner.

AJ Pollock has quickly endeared himself to White Sox fans.

No love for the fallen, though.

Tony got the memo from WST about José Abreu’s growing tendency to hit into double plays. Respect where it’s due.

First game or 50th game, Sox fans are passionate, but composed.

Composed, and inquisitive.

also, always rational

But most of all, White Sox fans care.

White Sox Twitter is back, baby!

Did I mention that we are always rational?

OK, we need a Giolito injury palate cleanser.

Bennett Sousa = pretty good. Kyle Crick = hmmmm

Technical difficulties.

Double play the hard way?

As Sox fans, we will take it, but ...

Rule changes are in effect to protect players in the end.

He’s not wrong. Rational.

Pollock doing his best Tim Anderson impression in his debut.

A real right fielder!!!

A good day for debuts all around the league, apparently.

Big money bullpen time.

When you have made the sale, you stop selling.

Bummer Summer

More like no Bummer summer.

It’s a great day for a four-out save.

That feeling when the still-pulsating corpse of Miguel Cabrera bloops a game-tying single off of your closer, who then hits a guy to re-load the bases.

Can’t even argue. Let’s score some runs.

We’ve been through this before folks, it’s our birthright.

Herbie is The Man for a reason. Crown him.

Andrew Vaughn came to Detroit to crush baseballs and chew bubblegum, and he’s all outta bubblegum.

Always remember that there is no one more disappointed than the man himself.

File this one under “more things we will take”

Enter Eric Haase: White Sox killer

The power of positivity.


What a way to lose a ballgame. Phew.

A game of inches ...

Remember those Báez strike outs? That was fun, but things could always be worse.

We are on to the next one.

Let’s do it all again tomorrow!