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South Side Sox Postgame Podcast 9 — Hello, 2022 season

Chrystal O’Keefe, Zach Hayes, Delia Ritchie and Brett Ballantini discuss the Opening Day White Sox loss, and 12-step programs for fans like us.

In the aftermath of a heartbreaking loss, four brave souls gathered together to discuss the hows and whys and why-mes and it-isn’t-fairs of Chicago’s shocking, fall-from-ahead loss to the Detroit Tigers on Friday.

  • Brett B. welcomes the group, there’s coffee and doughnuts in the back, no last names here
  • Zach H. gets an assignment to correlate volume of Liam Hendriks words to his stubbornness in forcing the same stuff down batters’ throats
  • Chrystal O. vows to unleash poop emojis into her Six Pack and Bird App coverage tomorrow, if this nonsense continues
  • Delia R. was willing to put her crockery at peril if the Candelario slide had been ruled legal — or if that same call had been made against the White Sox, for that matter
  • Pluses and minuses from the Opening Day Lucas Giolito Experience
  • Situational hitting — let’s not go overboard based on one game, but the White Sox will need to be better
  • Deliver us, Dylan Cease

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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