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Bird App Recap: White Sox 4, Guardians 1

We are just going to pretend that Monday didn’t happen.

After a truly demoralizing loss, the Sox take on the Guardians in game two of this series. Giolito is on the mound and you know what that means...

And he was looking mighty fine (as per usual).

Outside of Gio, the offense was pretty dead. I feel like a broken record saying that at this point but some run support for Lucas would be nice.

Things started happening in the fourth, but TA had a rough base running error, getting tagged out at third by Jose Ramirez.

But he quickly redeemed himself on the field in the following inning.

Not only were Sox bats slow to start, there was a common enemy sitting behind home plate that really united the fan base.

Luckily, the offense did get it going, beginning with Josh Harrison nearly sending one over the left field wall. And TA is still TA with the bat, and he drove him in to take the lead.

Gavin Sheets crushed a moonshot to RF in back to back nights. Many are saying he’s back.

And how about our Ace - one earned run through seven innings? Yes. Please. Somebody should check on Rosario though.

Of course the one run was from a Josh Naylor solo shot, the theme of the last 24 hours.

Tim Anderson does it again. 3-for-4 on the day, 4-1 Good Guys!

After Jose Ruiz and Bennett Sousa closed out the eighth, we heard the six words that fans have been waiting to hear for days.

A couple two tree runs would have been nice before entering the ninth inning.

Because it wouldn’t be a White Sox ninth inning without drama.

Winning on an overturned call, the White Sox way!

In conclusion, Sox win!!