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Bird App Recap: Yankees 15, White Sox 7

WST is not enjoying the ride.

The Chicago White Sox seem to be on a mission to find new, cruel, and unusual ways to lose baseball games. Tonight, that mission manifested itself in the form of a 15-7 loss to the New York Yankees.

Things started off so well.

Dylan Cease struck out 11 Yankees, but he also gave up six earned runs, because, as Janice very aptly observes, baseball is weird.

Everyone’s favorite second baseman got the offense going, and then promptly got picked off of first base because nothing the White Sox do can be 100% positive.

Giancarlo Stanton absolutely rakes, with or without the benefit of White Sox pitching not getting the memo.

The White Sox were down 7-4 in the seventh inning when Yoán Moncada resurrected hope with a three-run bomb to tie the game.

White Sox fans couldn’t revel in glory for long. After two quick outs in the eighth inning, the Yankees offense exploded with the intensity of a million suns. Do you remember that scene from The Princess Bride, where Westley talks about fighting his enemy “to the pain?” Yeah. The Yankees fought us to the pain.

I don’t think the Yankees got Tony La Russa’s memo about unwritten rules, because they just kept pummeling the White Sox pitching staff.

It was embarrassing, and fans were over it.

What more can be said?