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Bird App Recap: The Rabbit Game

Yankees keep pulling home runs out of their hats.

Enjoy the Ride, Sox Fans.

7:01 p.m. — We are off to a positive start.

Southpaw is getting the crowd at G-Rate pumped, at least.

Also, at least Sox fans at home can WATCH the game.

Yankees Twitter getting close to going back to ticker tape to follow the action.

He is bad for the White Sox, too.

Not sure how, but apparently Yoán Moncada was both on the field AND in the stands tonight.

Josh Donaldson exists:

[Narrator]: It wasn’t.

Nothing to see here.

Hey look over there! Old friend alert:

Aaron Judge does his Giancarlo Stanton impression:

White Sox offense looking good the past few days when the Yankees make mistakes. Maybe they are on to something.

There is always tomorrow, right folks?

White Sox highlights are as hard to find as baby formula.

Gavin Sheets is not going back to Triple-A if he keeps destroying baseballs like this.

All is fair in love and home run balls.

White Sox fans needed it, thanks.

Somehow we reached a point in the broadcast where they start showing beat reporters. This series is going great.

Can’t even argue with this one.

Yes Keelin, that WAS a bunny. Can’t get a normal-sized bag in the park ... but rodents are welcome.

Don’t worry, the rabbit was the highlight. Tim with another error, and Pito is slumping 0-for-20.

Fans have started the wave out of disgust.

It is raining baseballs?

Anyone see any more rabbits?

Bring on Dallas!