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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Yankees 2

That’s a South Side winner, folks!

The White Sox have really struggled against the Evil Empire — whoops, I mean Yankees. Perhaps Dallas Keuchel is the answer?

Tonight was bobblehead night, so may the odds be in your favor.

It doesn’t really look like Tim Anderson, but I appreciate the sentiment.

A special moment for Scarlett and her son Xavier, who beat cancer! Tonight was his first game back.

Is ... is Dallas Keuchel good against the Yankees?

The first inning was promising.

Luis Robert gets things moving and keeps his streak alive.

And Yoán Moncada keeps it going.

Katie manifested an Abreu hit!

Daryl Boston met the new guy on the team.

Eloy Jiménez remains charming, but still needs to be protected.

Yasmani Grandal ends the inning.


A quick check-in with Charlotte.

The Yankees are back up. Booing ensues.

Big if true.

I feel the same way, Tim.

Jordan Montgomery has not been great for the Yankees.

Keuchel’s command seemed to be fading away in the fifth.

Keuchel escapes a bases-loaded jam.

Slow down, Joe.


Is Tony actually managing tonight?

Same. 2-0 Good Guys with Joe Kelly on the mound.

Are the White Sox going to White Sox again? The Yankees have two on with only one out.

Now it’s 2-1 with two on and still only one out.

Onto Liam Hendriks! Oh ...

He pulled through for the bottom of the eighth. Three outs to go.

It’s no longer looking great for Liam. Two on, no outs.

Tie ball game. Is it fate?

OK — it wasn’t Tim, but he did score the winning run with help from La Pantera.

Hey Yankees, how did that scumbag Aroldis Chapman do?