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Bird App Recap: Royals 6, White Sox 2

Are you still enjoying the ride?

Another day in Misery, I mean Kansas City. Here are a few updates you might have missed.

Let’s see how Tony La Russa puts the lineup together.

Do you prefer La Russa’s lineup or Celeste’s?

No surprises here. Grandpa Greinke is always good against the White Sox.


And what did Gordon have to say, you ask?

Lucas Giolito did not have the ideal first inning, but managed to escape the jam he put himself in.

The new “load” conversation is happening tonight.

Leury “Legend” García bats the first run in.

How are we feeling about Gordo, friends?

Giolito is still not doing so hot in the second inning as the Royals tie the game. Pitch count:

At least there is some back-up for Giolito.

His offense is just as good tonight.

Whoops, now it’s 2-1 bad guys, as Bobby Witt Jr. sends one over the wall.

Make it happen, MLB.

Andrew Vaughn with the setup for Anderson. Adam Engel gets home. Tied, 2-2.

Now I’m really waiting for the postgame show.

TA isn’t the only one having a good game, so Leury can be spared.

Bases loaded for Vaughn. Guess what happened next?

Suddenly, 4-2 bad guys.

AJ Pollock did something.

Alas, Pollock was stranded.

Colleen is just trying to help. Or convert. Honestly, not sure.

It’s now 6-2 bad guys.

Herb with the terrible news.

And Julie with the truth.