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Wes Helms removed from manager role at Charlotte

Does “indefinite leave” = fired — what do you think?

Charlotte manager Wes Helms in 2019, the year he was the bench coach for the disgraced Omar Vizquel at Birmingham — and three years before the White Sox did anything about it.
Chicago White Sox

Not a lot to report here overall, aside from the fact that the well-liked and reasonably successfully minors manager Wes Helms has been placed on “indefinite leave” by the team. Whether that indicates he will be fired or not is anyone’s guess, but indefinite leaves don’t usually end in welcomes back.

Helms was the bench coach for Omar Vizquel in Birmingham back in 2019. That summer happened to be the one where Vizquel sexually harassed an autistic batboy for the Barons, according to allegations made in a 2021 lawsuit.

In the lawsuit, the batboy contends that Helms was one of six members of the organization who were aware of the harassment and mocked him over it. That Helms continued to work in the White Sox system after such an accusation became known to the White Sox should be a question the team answers at some point, and it’s one that is not answered by merely placing Helms on leave.

After the 2019 season, the White Sox dismissed Vizquel, with plaudits. Of course, the club was legally bound to stay mum over threatened or ongoing litigation (though no one outside of the situation was aware of such at the time), but lauding Vizquel was unnecessary as well.

More direct answers to come regarding Helms’ sudden dismissal? Don’t hold your breath.