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White Sox Bird App Recap: “Jackie”

Josh Donaldson steps in it and doubles down on mockingly addressing Tim Anderson, and Yaz has his teammate’s back

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
A lesser man than Tim Anderson would have gone ham over Josh Donaldson’s derision.
Sarah Stier/Getty Images

It’s a throwback to before we called this the Bird App Recap, back when we’d devote an entire day-after story to the social media takes on a controversy. Was the first in the aftermath of STICK TALK? I think so.

Anyway, thus concludes the SSS history lesson. This isn’t going to be a game retelling, but rather a look at how the benches cleared. And really, this is just devoted to spotlighting what a whiny little bitch Josh Donaldson is.

So, the long and short of it was that Josh Donaldson has taken to calling Tim Anderson “Jackie” in reference to Jackie Robinson, and he did so throughout this game, at least twice on the bases, while TA kept his cool. It wasn’t until Yasmani Grandal, who had overheard Donaldson’s taunting, had some very choice words for Donaldson at home plate before an at-bat did things get heated. Anderson was so hot, it took Gavin Sheets and José Abreu to carry him off of the field.

Fast-forward to postgame, where the truth of what was said was revealed — and amazingly, Donaldson (and possibly the Yankees media relations staff) still didn’t get was what so wrong with what he said:

The aftermath:

Almost as soon as the critical tweets came in, Yankees fans were quick to defend the indefensible.

And “esteemed” Yankees fans “Jomboy media” had nothing to say about the incident, certainly no “let’s break down the beef” videos they almost never miss.

Turns out, “Jomboy” had already weighed in, bothsidesing the situation by playing it off as just two competitors scrapping. Responsible take.

But let’s end on a possibly optimistic note, as Keelin tweeted:

It really is a year and change since the l’affaire Yermín divided the fan base, and, I’d bet contrary to what we were told, the clubhouse. In the face of ugliness from an opponent, it seems the White Sox clubhouse, from Tony La Russa on down, is unified behind Anderson.

Going out today and slapping a sweep on the Yankees would be just punishment. Go get ’em, White Sox.