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Gamethread: White Sox at Yankees (opener)

A little weird that Tim is just playing in the first game and taking the national broadcast off, but hey, maybe we can still take two from the Donaldson Apologists

MLB: Chicago White Sox at New York Yankees Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Gamethreads for two straight games I’m not covering? Yep, that’s me, your gamethread guy.

Today is such a mixed-up coverage day, with a straight doubleheader carried over from Friday night coverage, we’re trying to re-align for full coverage here at SSS. Ashley Sanders will have the opener recap and Rachael Millanta has the first Six Pack. Then Ashley switches over to Six Packing for the nightcap, with Jacki Krestel — who has already covered Sunday starts ranging from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. — on the recap. Doubling up for a doubleheader recap is Kristina Airdo.

As for the game, well, we sit and wait for the counterpunch thrown by the White Sox after yesterday’s racist incident initiated by Josh Donaldson. Although if what Liam Hendriks has to say about Donaldson’s toxic presence in clubhouses it true — and seriously, how far off can the guy be? — it’s not like most of the Yankees have Josh’s back, either:

Here’s how the White Sox line up behind Johnny Cueto, who gets to see if his razzmatazz can fool an offense somewhat better than Kansas City’s Triple-A crew:

The Yankees roll out this lineup, with Donaldson smack-dab in the middle. Can you imagine the thunderous ovation he will get from all the New York hicks?

Haven’t yet seen an official confirmation, but Jake Burger was absent in Charlotte last night and presumably was the 27th man for today’s doubleheader. However, Burger is not in the posted nightcap lineup for tonight, so who knows.

It’s a straight doubleheader, so there will be a nightcap gamethread up before we have our opener stories published. First pitch is 2:05 p.m. CT, usual broadcast suspects. The nightcap is ESPN’s Sunday Night affair.