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Bird App Recap: Tim Anderson owns the Yankees now

Cueto and Kopech lead the South Siders to a doubleheader sweep!

After Saturday’s game that was full of conflict and racist remarks directed at Tim Anderson from Josh Donaldson, the White Sox were fired up for today’s doubleheader.

As a Sunday tradition, Tony La Russa made sure to put a ridiculous lineup together for the opener, including the removal of Tim Anderson from the first game lineup. Rightfully, everyone’s reaction was “WTF?”

I mean seriously, can we put together a decent lineup and roll with it??

The White Sox struggled with the bats for the first two innings of the opener, until Yoán Moncada blasted a [bunt] double down the third base line.

Yaz didn’t walk but this will do.

Cueto pitched another six innings of shutout ball. Dallas who??

Joe Kelly came into the game with a no-out jam, and closed it out with two K’s and a pickoff, we simply love to see it.

And y’all. AJ Pollock is SO BACK.

Awwwww Aroldis Chapman got pulled in the ninth? What a terrible shame.

Adam Engel double for some insurance runs? Cue the tweet, Ali.

White Sox win the retaliation opener. Let’s get two!!

Time for the nightcap, and it’s officially TA7 hours. Naturally, Yankees fans were as mature and rational as ever.

ESPN broadcast did something ... good?

Michael Kopech was on the mound, and was as dominant as ever — just absolutely shutting down the Yankees.

His perfect game bid through five was finally broken up with two outs in the sixth, but the Yankees didn’t fare any better after that.

This is becoming a Kopech love fest, and I’m not sorry.

Kopech for Cy Young campaign holding strong.

The offense was pretty terrible throughout the game, not that it’s a shock to anyone.

Narrator: It did not end in several runs.

Andrew Vaughn to save the day.

I regret to inform New York that Tim Anderson now owns the Yankees.

The true South Side GOAT.

Sox WIN, and that is a doubleheader sweep and a series win. We are back, baby.