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Bird App Recap: Red Sox by a million

Things went rogue on the South Side tonight

The White Sox are back at home, facing Boston, and truthfully, it’s unfortunate that we wasted four hours on this sad excuse of a game.

The day started out lovely, optimistic.

Our beloved Mustache Man, however, had a rough start to the game — topped off by a three-run homer from a blazing-hot Trevor Story.

Dylan, unfortunately, didn’t have it today, and lasted just three innings while giving up seven runs. Yikes, folks.

José Ruiz, in solidarity, also did not have a good outing. What a teammate.

It was getting really, really bad.

Tim Anderson and José Abreu lit the tiniest spark in the fourth — and it was extinguished almost immediately.

If you can believe it, things got worse than 10-2.

And worse ...

Others still (somehow) remained “optimistic.”

While the rest of the team is riding the struggle bus, TA is still doing his thing — driving in another run. It’s 16-3!!

Vince Velasquez came in and essentially shut down the Red Sox offense.

At least we didn’t have to witness this experiment?

The small list of positives:

Maybe tomorrow?