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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Red Sox 1

In a battle of the Soxes, the Good Guys came out on top. Now for a rinse and repeat.

We are starting off strong with a rain delay!

While we wait, check out the new White Sox-Tim Anderson ad campaign. These will run through the end of the month, and features seven billboards and digital panels along ‘L’ trains.

The rain finally dissipated, though some players were still worried.

But it’s game time — and it’s finally Gio day!

Unfortunately, he missed the memo early.

Tim saved the inning, so it’s only 1-0 for the other Sox.

Lucas Giolito isn’t the only one having trouble tonight.

Please say you’re kidding!

The White Sox have yet to have a hit as we enter the fifth inning. How are we feeling?

Steve Stone decided the no-hitter needed to end, and Abreu agreed.

With two on and no outs, the offense seems to have a little life. Insert Jake Burger to make it 3-1 Good Sox!

Same, Ben.

Lucas Giolito started dominating in the fifth and carried it over into the sixth.

Bummer had a halfway decent and quick outing, but was replaced by a brand-new White Sox pitcher? Oh, never mind, Graveman just shaved.

Many people are asking one question —

Graveman narrowly escaped a bases-loaded jam, taking us to the bottom of the seventh. Some life was present with hits from Reese McGuire and Josh Harrison, but Tim Anderson wasn’t able to bring either home.

Joe Kelly dazzled in the eighth, only to injure himself. Kelly appeared to grab his hamstring, and exited the game.

Liam Hendriks to the mound for a four-out save. TA helps with the first out.

Into the bottom of the eighth, and people are thrilled with our international superstar.

But his defense is top-notch.

Hendriks stressed everyone out with two on and two outs.

Yet Andrew Vaughn saves the day with a great catch and that means it’s a White Sox winner!

Now, will someone please get Marty some season tickets! After tonight’s win, he’s 7-0.