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Bird App Recap: Red Sox 16, White Sox 7

This ride sucks, dude.

If a higher power exists, they must hate the Chicago White Sox. I can’t think of another plausible explanation for this shameful 16-7 loss to the Boston Red Sox.

I mean, right from the get-go, it was terrible. Dallas Keuchel allowed Red Sox hitters to conga-line around the bases like that old Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Is there anywhere Keuchel can go where he’ll be celebrated? Maybe.

Or, you know, maybe not.

Wherever Rick Hahn is, we hope he’s having a horrible night.

At least Andrew Vaughn had a good night.

The rest of the game devolved into a vile, chaotic state of affairs. The White Sox appeared to be on a mission to find new and innovative ways to lose.

José Abreu and Leury García collided on a fly ball.

Bennett Sousa did this.

The fans stopped respecting themselves.

And, y’all? Josh Harrison pitched an inning of relief and was more effective than many of the arms currently clogging up the bullpen.

Tony La Russa: what would you say ... you do here?

We are straight-up not having a good time.

This ride sucks.