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Red Sox 16, White Sox 7: Keuchel remains loyal to his ERA

The Andrew Vaughn game is spoiled by the pitchers surrendering 16 runs for the second time in three days

Boston Red Sox v Chicago White Sox
Well, Andrew Vaughn had some fun on Thursday night, even getting a little time in at second base. Maybe he was going to pitch next?
Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Well, the White Sox lose another discouraging game — giving up 16 runs for the *second* time this week, dropping the South Siders back to .500 with a 22-22 record.

If you watched this game with me, it’s very unfortunate that we spent over four hours watching this collapse.

If you did not watch the game, please know that I am very jealous of you.

Dallas Keuchel took the mound today against the Red Sox, and it was pretty much exactly what you anticipated. On the second pitch of the game, Enrique Hernández took Dallas deep to left field, and Boston followed up with four hits to fuel a quick 3-0 lead.

Keuchel recorded half of his strikeouts after the first-inning hitting frenzy to eventually escape, but the horror didn’t stop there. Trevor Story confirmed he is still out for blood, and launched a three-run bomb to left to increase the Red Sox lead to six. I wish I could say this was surprising for South Side fans who watch Dallas Keuchel pitch every five games, but it is not.

Dallas began the game with a 6.60 ERA, and the Red Sox sure exploited that stat by scoring those six runs off of seven hits in just two innings. The White Sox didn’t get their bats going until the third, but Keuchel didn’t even last that long — so who’s to blame now, Dallas?

Keuchel and his freshly-updated 7.88 ERA took the bench after the second, replaced by Reynaldo López, who came in to throw two shutout innings, only giving up two hits. Our Lasik King prevails once again! If only he could have gone a bit further … :(

The White Sox offense was dead for the first two innings (shocker, right?), outside of José Abreu, who continues to heat all the way up as we approach June. In the third inning, Leury García, Adam Engel and Tim Anderson posted three straight hits to load the bases for Andrew Vaughn. The Sox have been absolutely abysmal with the bases juiced this year, ranked 29th out of the 30 teams, and recording a horrendous slash line of .077/.133/.077 (it was honestly painful looking that up and typing this sentence out).

In fact, if I am Boston in this situation, I’m not the slightest bit concerned ... unless you have ANDREW VAUGHN at the plate!!! Vaughn smoked a double to right to clear the bases and cut the lead in half, 6-3.

José Ruiz had a bit of a rocky outing, giving up another run in the fifth. However, in his next time up, Vaughn stayed hot with a two-run homer to cut the lead to 7-5. Vaughn forced Michael Wacha out of the game after a seven-hit, five-run outing — with Vaughn absolutely dominating him, tagging Wacha with all five of his earned runs. Finally, a deficit that felt manageable!

Matt Foster remained reliable, striking out two in a 1-2-3 inning, but then Tony chose to call Tanner Banks in to pitch the seventh, and everything pretty much went to hell from there.

I will spare you the gory details, as the White Sox turned into a Little League team as quickly as Keuchel gave up six runs. Banks gave up three in the seventh, and yet another three in the eighth, and it felt like every Red Sox player was getting a hit — because they basically were. Bennett Sousa relieved Banks, and made a colossal throwing error into right field on a simple grounder hit back to him, letting another two runs in.

Nothing really mattered anymore for the White Sox, being down 14-5, but Matt Barnes walked four straight batters to make it interesting, loading the bases for who? None other than the Legend: Leury García — literally the only guy that ever bats with the bases loaded. He hit a sacrifice fly to left, driving in Yaz, before Engel struck out to end a two-run “rally” that didn’t even include a base hit.

Josh Harrison came in to pitch for the ninth, arguably the most exciting part of the last four innings, and he caught Xander Bogaerts looking for a strikeout … before Trevor Story hit a two-run home run to put an exclamation point on our misery. I mean, did Harrison really do any worse than Dallas?

This was another tough loss for the White Sox, who are simply not playing good baseball right now. Ironically, the offense was actually able to score seven runs today, and the pitching is what failed this time. The bullpen mismanagement contributed, however, and the real crime is continuing to let Keuchel give up a thousand runs every five games (OK, five or six).

The White Sox need to figure out how to be a serious team and begin playing to their potential, but that is not going to happen by trotting Keuchel out to punt a game once a week — yes, this is a different punted game that TLR’s typical Sunday strategy.

Outside of Andrew Vaughn’s explosive game at the plate, the pitching struggled and overshadowed some of the solid at-bats that the Sox put together. Tim Anderson had another three hits, Abreu and Engel both had two, and even Yasmani Grandal walked twice. Let’s hope we keep seeing better production at the plate this weekend.

Tomorrow the South Siders have a rare Friday off-day, before hosting the Crosstown Classic against the Chicago Cubs on Saturday and Sunday. AI artist, folk singer and Keuchel nemesis Di Billick will have you on the game coverage on Saturday, with Chrystal O’Keefe covering the Six Pack. Let’s turn this week around and take two from the North Siders!