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Gamethread: Cubs at White Sox

The Hotdog faces off against Keegan Thompson in a ballpark that’s not structurally decrepit

Chicago White Sox v. New York Yankees - Game One
Johnny Cueto, horse lover, will go for the win in his third start for the White Sox.
Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Happy Saturday, White Sox fans, and welcome to the crosstown closing series. What a beautiful weekend to play at home!

Feelings are running high this week among us White Sox fans, and likely the same can be said about our team, so let’s take the time during this game to breathe and center ourselves. Mental health disclosure superstar and all-around good guy Michael Kopech wants to remind you of this before today’s game:

Kopech speaking out about mental health is one of the healthiest things about this White Sox roster. We have some serious role models on the South Side, and I’m glad the organization supports them.

Speaking of the Good Guys, here’s your starting lineup:

Cueto has had two quality starts as a South Sider, and the home field advantage should give the Good Guys the offense he needs to bury the schlubs. Tony La Russa has to know something we don’t, because Josh Harrison is in the 2-spot, and if his BA was converted to currency, it wouldn’t be enough to make a long-distance phone call.

Here’s the lineup for, ehhh, who cares:

I had to drive by Wrigley twice today, and I’m not an impartial sports journalist, so I’m happy to share with you that I hate the Cubs organization in every way, shape, and form.

Let’s have fun talking smack tonight. First pitch is at 6:15 p.m. CST on Fox, with resident traitor A.J. Pierzynski announcing this evening, with Len Kasper. Listen on AM 1000 if you can’t stand the A.J.’s commentary. I’ll have your partial, likely vitriolic coverage after the jump, and Michael Kopech likely will not approve.