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Bird App Recap: Cubs 5, White Sox 1

Life and baseball are meaningless anyway.

The White Sox take on the other Chicago baseball team for a two-game Crosstown series.

Let's see how Tony La Russa lines them up.

Josh Harrison .... batting second .... is a choice, for sure.

But other good and hopeful things happened today! Let’s check-in before our friends start live-tweeting.

OK! Who is at the game tonight? (I’ll be there tomorrow, so say hi.)

Steve has a gorgeous view.

As does Sidney.

Payton, too!

For those not at the game, we get Len Kasper and the one and only A.J. Pierzynski.

“Chrystal, how is Eloy’s first rehab assignment going?” Not great, Bob.

Oh, and in a sneeze, the Cubs are up, 2-0.

When in doubt, blame Dallas.

It’s not looking great. Morale is low and the troops are moving on.

Eloy update:

Yasmani Grandal has his scheduled walk and AJ Pollock gets a hit!

Jake Burger has a great hit, but a two-out send for Yasmani Grandal?

Cueto barely escapes a bases-loaded jam in the fourth, but the White Sox aren’t the only team that can’t handle RISP.

This game has been very frustrating to watch, and a lot of people had some great criticism.

The Good Guys are on the board with a gorgeous Burger Bomb.

With Tim Anderson up to bat, Cubs fans stay classy.

At least Cueto got much better.

But these at-bats ... woof.

Cueto continues to pitch in the seventh with the bases loaded and one out.

Look at Celeste thinking the White Sox will even make it to the ALCS.

Again, morale is low.

At least I have moral support? Uh ... just kidding.

If you would’ve told me I’d like this tweet in 2017 ...

Now to end our night with a question on everyone’s minds: