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Today in White Sox History: May 29

Howie Judson and LaMarr Hoyt win and lose, breaking long streaks

Baseball Card Of Howie Judson
It was a really sweet day, finally, for Howie Judson, 72 years ago.
Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images


Entering the game having lost 15 straight games (14 in 1949, one already in 1950), Howie Judson gets the win in relief as the White Sox defeat St. Louis, 12-8.

Though Judson finished 1950 with a 2-3 record, his 1.8 WAR was by far the best of his seven seasons in the major leagues.


The White Sox purchased pitcher Gerry Staley from the Yankees. Staley would become one of the top relief pitchers in the league by 1959, helping the Sox win the pennant. That season, he went 8-5 with a 2.24 ERA and a league-leading 15 saves. His teammate, Turk Lown, also had 15 saves.

In 1960, Staley would make the All-Star team.


LaMarr Hoyt was beaten on the road in Cleveland, 5-2. Hoyt had won his first nine decisions of the season, and coupled with five straight wins to end 1981 meant he had won 14 consecutive decisions. It was longest winning streak over multiple seasons in franchise history. Hoyt hadn’t lost a game since Aug. 15, 1981, at (where else?) Baltimore.