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Bird App Recap: Please, Not Tim

Crosstown Letdown

You let a team come into your house and shut you down, and all the weirdos come out.

Confidence is sky high.

Early returns are not promising.

Certainly lacking in the “Show” department.

Confidence, however, is unshaken.

One hit through five, but hey, at least we still have Tim Anderson ...

Pretty much sums it up:

Evergreen tweet:

Outside the box thinking, I like it!

The ballpark certainly showed up for this one, looking gorgeous.

Reese McGuire with the at-bat version of the White Sox season.

I now pronounce you fan and bride!

Sox fans > Sox teams

Sometimes it just comes down to simple math.

Trying to find some positive tweets, I really am!

Fine, I will just do it myself! I’m back on board!

It’s contagious!

... or not.

White Sox most dependable bat this season ties it in the ninth. #wildpitchoffense

#wildpitchoffense does its job, but the rest of the team continues to struggle. Meanwhile, I guess we get more of this game?

Brett taught us how to properly write Little League, and it came in handy because that’s what this Sox team is.

Many people are saying this

Not sure if this team has hit rock bottom yet, but if feels like it’s at least coming into view.

Even the wins don’t feel great right now.

And on one final note,