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South Side Sox Podcast 100! Checking in, a month in

Adrian Serrano, Jacki Krestel, Chrystal O’Keefe, and Joe Resis check in with Brett Ballantini to discuss a rough first month — and how challenging it will be to right the ship in May.

Well, Brett Ballantini forgot his tux, but hey, we’re still celebrating a 100th podcast together. All of us gathered down at the Indianapolis Field Office to try to make this first month of White Sox seem somehow palatable:

  • Chrystal O’Keefe has had enough, escaping to games in Milwaukee and Boston to avoid the White Sox (bad news, O’Keefe, guess who’s playing the Red Sox this weekend?)
  • Joe Resis fixes a brave face to a 9-13 month, playing a relatively easy schedule — but it ain’t easy
  • Adrian Serrano isn’t exactly shocked by the results so far this season — but how those results have been achieved, well, that’s another issue
  • With the White Sox no longer even projected to make the playoffs, Jacki Krestel is speechless — almost. Well, at least there’s one good use for a Sox game, even in the worst of times
  • The White Sox have to go 84-54 (.609) to match last year’s win total (93). How likely is that to happen?
  • May’s schedule has one patsy (Kansas City, although we did lose two of three to the Royals this homestand). What sort of May record will be good enough to call it a success and inspire confidence in the team going forward? Honestly, .500 seems enough

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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