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Mitch Ransdell/South Side Sox

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South Side Sox Player of the Week (April 24-May 1): Lucas Giolito

The White Sox ace took on a rogues gallery of Angels, despite being dragged under by a foundering offense.

They’re a wicked opponent, to be sure, even if they’re wearing halos.

It didn’t matter much to Lucas Giolito, who had some of the best bats in baseball whiffing throughout a six-inning start last Friday. With seven strikeouts notched and seven hits allowed, it certainly wasn’t one of his best outings, but White Sox fans will rejoice to know that their ace still has his stuff.

The 27-year-old pitcher had spent the previous few weeks on the injured list, presumably watching in abject horror as the tanking Chisox continually failed to materialize any semblance of an offense.

This unfortunate trend continued during Giolito’s Friday start, when the Sox were held to a single run.

Now, with our ace on the books to take on the North Siders tonight, let’s hope the boys on the bench can generate some support.

2022 South Side Sox Players of the Week

Tim Anderson (April 8-17)
Tanner Banks (April 18-23)
Lucas Giolito (April 24-May 1)

MVP Standings

Michael Kopech (21.8)
Dylan Cease (18.6)
Lucas Giolito (17.9)
Tim Anderson (13.3)
Tanner Banks (12.7)
Luis Robert (9.2)
Andrew Vaughn (8.7)
Gavin Sheets (7.4)
Fans Braving the Cold (7.0)
The Wind (5.7)

Cold Cat Standings

Leury García (-34.4)
Liam Hendriks (-17.4)
Dallas Keuchel (-14.2)
Aaron Bummer (-13.6)
Josh Harrison (-10.1)
Jake Burger (-7.3)
Yasmani Grandal (-6.9)
Tony La Russa (-6.3)
Anderson Severino (-6.0)
Reese McGuire (-5.0)

A week ago, Tim Anderson made a rare but not unheard of slide right off of the MVP list during the losing streak, falling out of the top spot and 15.9 points down to 1.6, outside looking in. This week, perhaps is his mercurial nature, TA is back and ranking prominently among our MVPs (13.3 points, fourth place).

Writer Standings

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