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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Cubs 1

Never mind the sleet ... here’s a second straight win!

Coming off a series split with the Angels, the White Sox are hoping to extend their win streak to two in the opener of the Crosstown Classic against the Chicago Cubs.

Noticeably, Luis Robert and Andrew Vaughn were not in today’s lineup, but it doesn’t sound like anything to worry about.

It essentially poured rain the entire game and the strange, frigid, May weather definitely wasn’t summer giving Crosstown Classic vibes at a whopping 44° (32° wind chill).

Kopech came out strong, striking out two, including April NL Rookie of the Month, Seiya Suzuki.

The offense got started in the second with José Abreu getting on base and Adam Engel following up with a double.

The White Sox shifted to playing a little small ball with a Jake Burger swinging bunt, and a lovely bunt down the first base line by Reese McGuire.

There’s always a joke to be made, though.

In the third inning, Tim Anderson did the thing where he blasts a homer on the first pitch - get this man some spaghetti!

It was a beauty.

The defense got kind of weird in the bottom of the third, with Jake Burger pulling a total Eloy move and getting beat up by the Wrigley Field cement wall. Thankfully, he stayed in the game, but everyone was holding their breaths.

After a 15-pitch at-bat from Alfonso Rivas that felt like it took a month, Kopech worked his way out of the inning unscathed.

Kopech continued to deal, striking out another pair of North Siders in the fourth.

Fireworks almost erupted after Cubs reliever Keegan Thompson hit Josh Harrison and Tim Anderson on consecutive pitches. With the rain coming down as it was, it didn’t appear intentional, but it didn’t look great given TA had gone deep the inning prior.

Yasmani loaded the bases for José … who grounded into a double play. Sigh.

TLR cut Kopech’s outing short after four innings, replacing him with Reynaldo López. It was clear that Kopech wanted to finish out the inning.

The rain simply did not get any better.

Even with the weather being terrible, the pitching still outperformed the offense, with White Sox batters still not being selective at the plate.

Cubs fans booed Tim Anderson during his fourth at-bat because it’s his fault the Cubs gave up a home run and hit him with a pitch.

To the surprise of many, Matt Foster came out of the bullpen for the bottom of the eighth.

But he proved the haters wrong.

And Liam Hendriks is so back.