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Bird App Recap: White Sox 4, Cubs 3

That’s a series sweep!

Tonight will be a warmer night, without the rain. Lucas Giolito is on the mound against the Cubs ace Kyle Hendricks. Will the White Sox pull it off? These tweets will give you an idea.

Thanks for the clarification, Celeste.

Known home run hitter Tim Anderson feels good in the sun.

But I have some bad news ...

Colleen Sullivan and her mom made it to the Friendly Confines. It’s still cold.

Zach Hayes is there, too.

And so is Ali.

José Abreu certainly does well against Kyle Hendricks.

Does Lucas have his ace stuff tonight? Only time will tell, but a lot of people feel good about it.

Yaz update:

Lucas is doing great, but I want to also take a peek and see what is happening in Charlotte.

Not good, friends.

Oh, it’s now 3-1 Cubs.

The White Sox need to provide some serious run support. Who can we depend on?

Still 3-2 with RISP and two outs. How's it going?

Thankfully, this didn’t end in a double play: 3-3!

Question of the night. The eight strikeouts are looking pretty good.

Maybe he is. But one thing is for sure —

Also, one player looks different.

An insane catch and some poor base running by Nick Madrigal set Twitter on fire.

AJ Pollock actually hits the ball and drives a run in!

A live look at Wrigley Field after the good guys took the lead.

Tony La Russa pulled Lucas in the sixth but overall, he did well.

Luis Robert continues to make great catches, but he needs to remember that Wrigley walls don’t have any padding behind that ivy.

Kendall Graveman gets a 1-2-3 inning.

Another important Yaz update, bases now loaded edition!

AJ Pollock back up with some serious RISP!

But that’s not all we’re frustrated about.

Matt Foster thankfully saved the inning! And Everley hopefully stayed asleep.

OK! Bottom of the ninth.

Liam Hendriks dominated the Cubs.

And I got by with a little help from my friends.

Off to Boston!