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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Red Sox 2

No one knows what happened in the ninth but a W is a W

Sunday morning baseball is here, and the White Sox looked to close out a back-to-back series sweep against the Boston Red Sox. Tony kicked off the day with his classic lineup hijinks to the surprise of none.

Obviously, everyone was super thrilled that Dallas was on the mound.

And, of course, he came out of the gate doing everything he could to make it difficult for himself.

He actually recovered nicely over the next couple of innings. Can someone check to see if he is feeling alright??

The defense showed up pretty well behind Dallas today, even with a random assortment of players scattered around the field. Reese McGuire flexed a little behind home plate today.

Today, the White Sox offense actually decided to show up before the ninth inning. Some Danny Mendick bunt action triggered it.

Followed up by a HUGE two-run double from José to bring the sox up 3-0. He’s back!

Fans still didn’t feel comfortable with this lead, however.

The Red Sox were struggling hardcore today. Though honestly, we White Sox fans know how they feel with their team in a major slump.

It doesn’t not make it funny that the Red Sox couldn’t hit Dallas Keuchel, though.

Let’s not forget the rare and long game delay due to an umpire change. Dad jokes are always fun, though.

But he did ... good??!

We are also unsure.

They really aren’t saying this ... but should they be?

No. :/ 3-2 Good Guys.

Tired: Yasmani Grandal, the Walk God.

Wired: Yasmani Grandal, the Stolen Base God.

Baseball is a weird sport.

White Sox fans can agree that a bit more offense would be nice, though.

HOF Baseball Master Class coaching moves from Tony LaRussa for the bottom of the ninth inning, after a perfect Matt Foster eighth, is really rubbing White Sox fans the wrong way.

Two outs in the ninth, Tony switched to Rookie Bennett Sousa. Sox sweep in Boston. Shoutout to the pitching staff.