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Bird App Recap: Blue Jays 7, White Sox 3

I hope you like being disappointed.


The White Sox have a lineup, that’s for sure.

A few fans actually crossed the border for the series!

Our giant friend Jeff is watching from the other side of the country.

AJ Pollock got things started the right way, 1-0 Good Guys!

But this is the White Sox, and they’re playing a good Blue Jays team. So, a quick 1-1.

Jason and Gordon had a lot to say about last night.

Michael Kopech started struggling early.

Things are getting ugly early.

Danny Mendick gets a hit, improving to 3-for-5 in the series so far. Naturally, he was out on a double play with Pollock at bat.

Kopech is still struggling. And still in, for whatever reason. It’s now 5-1, Bad Guys.

With a great hit from Andrew Vaughn and a Pito bomb, we’re sort of back in the game.

Followed directly by a Jake Burger double!

Thank goodness José Abreu is on the White Sox.

I hate to ask, but when will Steve Stone be back? Or is there anyone else that can sub in?

Kopech out, Crick in.

Kyle Crick seems to be dealing, and Reese McGuire is throwing runners out. What a concept!

Abreu stays good as well.

There was a lot of anger about what might have been a blown call.

Frustrations mount once again.

And new managerial prospects are being discussed.

It’s been a really fun night on the Bird App.

By the way, our group therapy episode will be out soon.

Are the White Sox bad...? Many people are saying this.

How do we feel Sox fans?